Verizon iPhone really is a new product and a new direction for Apple


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Jan 14, 2011
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All across the web I see people commenting saying that the Verizon iPhone isn't actually a new product but an 8+ month old "one tech" coming to a new carrier. While that may technically be true, it is quite unprecedented for Apple to simply pop a new antenna into their iPhone which is why I'm thinking all this talk of waiting on the iPhone 5 release getting the iPhone on Verizon is kind of crazy. I really don't think Apple cares to make a GSM/CDMA "world" phone either because a year from now they'll have to make a GSM/CDMA/LTE phone to keep that up and fitting that many antennas into a phone is ridiculous. Honestly it looks like the iPhone has been forever divided antenna-wise with the CDMA one being release following it's GSM version and eventually it'll be a GSM/LTE and a CDMA/LTE version and then maybe a decade from now just an LTE version, lol. Honestly, technology has been improving quickly but the iPhone 4 is still an amazing piece of hardware and has several years of use before it slows down any.


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Sep 12, 2010
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It really Isn't that hard to fit that many antenna's into one phone.

Using Fractal geometry the antennas can be wafer thin and placed in a 1"X1" area.

also one antenna can be set to receive WiFi, Bluetooh and cellular signals. this is due to the only difference between bluetooth and WiFi is the rate at which it refreshes the connection and cell signal is on a completely different frequency.

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