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Verizon iphone 4


New member
Oct 14, 2011
Can I please get some help on this issue, preferrably from someone who actually knows... Ok, my brother has an iphone 4 through verizon, this phone has some fees associated with it(ETF), which I do understand needs to get paid before anything can happen. I have an iphone 4s through sprint which I freakin love and I am so glad that I switched from android to ios. I want to get my wife an iphone 4 for sprint, but after looking on ebay, amazon,.. they are still around $300, and am not willing to pay that.. my brother said he would pretty much sell or give me the phone that he has through verizon. Keep in mind that I did call apple and asked and the rep told me that verizon would have to unlock the phone which they rarely do and that it can be used on the sprint network once unlocked.

1. Has anyone ever gotten verizon to unlock their iphone? If so, what did you say to them in order for them to do this?

2. If I jailbroke the iphone 4 and I have heard that you can unlock it once jailbroken, is this true and if it is true how do I go about doing this?

Thank You for your help! I really appreciate it!


New member
Oct 22, 2010
You will not be able to get anything done to use an iPhone (4 or 4S) originally purchased to use Verizon's network to be able to be used on Sprint.

Yes, It's technologically possible, but they simply will not ever do it.