Using Facetime (and iMessage) on both iPad & iPhone


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Jun 29, 2010
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I am confused, can someone please enlighten me?
I have an iPhone 5 and iPad Mini on Verizon LTE and have my iMessage and Facetime setup on both devices.

I experienced a problem yesterday with facetime, both my devices were ringing and when I tried to answer on either device, it would not connect no matter which I tried to answer from. I then turned facetime off my iPhone and it connected perfect on my iPad (and vise versa).

So whats the best way to setup Facetime on both devices? Should I just use my phone number for my facetime on my iPhone and my email on the iPad? This way if someone Facetimes my phone number JUST my phone will ring and if someone facetimes my email address JUST my iPad will ring?

Lastly, how do you guys have your iMessage setup? I like to have it activated on my iPad because its nice to use but it gets annoying having BOTH my devices ring when I get an iMessage...

Any input would be great.


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Jan 8, 2012
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My FaceTime is set up the same on all of my devices (MacBook, iPad 2 & iPhone 4S) with my iPhone's phone number as my primary method of being contacted. Whenever I get a FaceTime alert and I have all of my device on, they all ring and whichever I choose to answer with, I do so without a problem so I don't know what could have caused yours to not function properly. Anyway, give your own suggestion a try. It can't hurt and it sounds like a great idea on the surface.

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