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Uses for NFC I never knew about


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Dec 3, 2011
NFC Task Launcher 2.4 - Demo - YouTube

- Walk into your car and swipe your phone across a tag: automatically enable bluetooth, disable wifi, enable GPS, launch map/media, set volume to max.

- Walk home, swipe phone across a tag: revert to home network, disable bluetooth, disable GPS, etc...

- Set phone on night stand: turn on airplane mode, set alarm, etc...

- Got kids? They swipe when entering their car, it sends you a location, disables text messaging, enables bluetooth, etc.

Ok... I see that Apple was waiting until these tags became widespread so they can be purchased at any local retailer, and that apps were available to quickly access and set functions... but I had assumed that the "swipe to pay" feature.

I will be very surprised if NFC doesn't make it onto the next iteration.

***Thanks to Kilofox for educating me***