Upgrading iPhone 3G 8GB to 16GB...a couple of questions re. Apple ID, apps, etc.???


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Sep 17, 2008
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Hey everyone,

So I'm in love with my iPhone 3G now, ever since OS 2.2 was released. :)

I love it so much so that I would like to get a 16GB white one. What happens to all my apps that I installed (roughly half free, half paid for)???

Also, Apple ID...What exactly is that? My email address that I signed up for??

How do I protect my multiple investments, and move them to the new iPhone 3G 16GB White?

The white one is on its way. Woohoo...In fact, I'll have it tomorrow. I've heard at least 2 stories where someone had to re-purchase his apps, etc. I would like to head into this weekend setting my new baby up. :D

Thanks so much!


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Mar 10, 2008
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1. Sync your 8 GB phone one last time to iTunes
2. When you set up your new 16 GB phone, instead of choosing to configure as new phone, choose to restore from backup and select the backup from your 8 GB phone.
3. Takes a long time for first sync, but everything (and I mean everything) from your 8 GB phone will transfer over.

I went from 8 GB EDGE iPhone, to 16 GB EDGE iPhone, to 16 GB iPhone 3G and restored from the previous phone's backup each time and my new phone was just like my old phone- only better! (and have done the same thing when upgrading through all OS releases from 1.0 to 2.2.1 although I think only the 1 to 2 upgrade required a full restore.)

Your Apple ID is the AOL account or email account that you registed with iTunes with (for buying music and apps). You can use that on as many iPods and iPhones as you wish (plus up to 5 desktop computers). You won't need to purchase new apps as long as you continue using the same Apple ID (no reason not to unless the old one for example was your dad's and now you want your own).

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