Upgrade to new Apple TV from 2nd Gen Apple TV to Cure Network Issues?

Peter Rokkos

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Aug 3, 2015
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I use a 2nd gen Apple TV for streaming TV show and movies from a iTunes Windows PC, for streaming from a few apps, and mostly for streaming music from a PC with iTunes that is then ported out to a stereo receiver and sent off to various speakers.

The TV streaming from Apps has partially been replaced by aps on a Samsung TV or Comcast on demand so while I'd appreciate the new apps on a new Apple TV, its not necessarily a top priority.

The streaming of shows from iTunes on my PC is often problematic. There are times where the Apple TV simply spins for a while. Restarting iTunes, the Apple TV, the router or the PC itself often helps, sometimes not. Other times it works fine. I've tried troubleshooting the issues many times. I've had both Comcast and FIOS over the last few years and multiple routers, etc. I've even tried a LAN directly to the Apple TV from the router, sometimes it helps sometimes not.

My primary use of the Apple TV is streaming music from a PC with iTunes to the Apple TV for output on a stereo. I like being able to use the Remote app on my iphone to control the music playing on the Apple TV. However on occasion and more so lately the signal drops at times and the music stutters.

I've been looking for an excuse to upgrade the Apple TV I have and am considering a refurb new gen Apple TV from Apple but was looking for input on whether this would be an upgrade on the streaming under these various scenarios.

I know the new gen Apple TV has better wifi capabilities and more power.

Thoughts on whether the new Apple TV is better at networking than a few generations ago? Given I've experienced problems even when my existing one is on a LAN line, I'm not really certain it would be that much improved but thought I'd seek other views.

Thanks again.


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Jan 8, 2012
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I have the 4th Generation TV, and before it, I had the 3rd Gen. model. With that in mind, the specs are indeed better with the 4th Gen., but if you’re not going to install and play games then the 3rd gen. may be worth looking into for the usage you described above.

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