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upgrade for cheap work around?

Jun 18, 2009
I am eligible to upgrade at the cheap price this week to the 3G S but my girlfriend is not, at least not until December of 09. She called AT&T to plead her case and they told her she absolutely can not have the cheaper upgrade price. Her and I have 2 different accounts and I was thinking that this might work to get her the cheap price....

Add her line to my account, which then counts as a new activation on my account, which should make it eligible for an upgrade. I imagine that AT&T is smarter than this, but I used to work for Cingular YEARS ago and I think that it used to work that way.

What do you folks think?



Well-known member
Mar 6, 2009
The discount price is $199 for the 16GB. The full price is $599... early termination is $175 minus $5 per month you've been into the contract. $199+175 = $374. That's still a LOT cheaper than $599.

I might add a second line to get the 3GS, then cancel my main line after I get the new phone.

A friend of mine told me that AT&T told him that if he added a new line to get the 3GS, he could reduce his other line to $10 a month -- no data or text package on it. They even told him they'd transfer his phone number to the new line.