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Hi there, I have a Macbook from 2008 and an iphone 6. My phone and computer are not syncing up which is frustrating for me (not being a very tech savy person at all...!)

I am using Itunes 11.8 and have the latest IOS on my iphone.

Any suggestions of what to do. I am very reluctant to get a new computer because I really only use it for emails, word, watching DVDs, or surfing the net. BUT I do want to be able to store some of my photos and put music onto it.

I've downloaded Mac OS X 10.7.5 update but when I click on it it says I require 10.7...

I have an external harddrive and have backed up my computer, making more space.

I would really appreciate any advice here.



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Aug 12, 2015
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I think it's compatibility issue.

If u are using iOS 10.x on iPhone 6, iTunes 11 is too old.... You need at least version 12.. That's why it won't sync.

The issue is iTunes 12.x requires at minimum Mac OS X 10.9.5:-
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So, either upgrade to Mavericks. or continue backing up to HD. But Apple doesn't offer Mavericks in the App Store anymore, so i guess Hard drive is your only option.

iTunes and iOS go hand in hand usually. Latest iTunes supports iOS versions a few versions back from current one usually, but that's about it.