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Updating from iOS7 version directly to iOS9 on an iPad Air (1)?


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I have an iPad Air (1) with iOS7 and never updated to any of the iOS8 versions and now want to go to iOS9. Will I lose photos, contacts, notes, my added apps when I update? Is the 8 still available if I need to go that route first? Can I go directly to 9? Do I really have to backup first? My iPad says my backups are current but I never directly backed up manually. Can I trust these are backed up? And where are they backed up to? I've eliminated some apps to make room for the installation of 9 but it didn't seem to change my availability at all.

I also have a logitec keyboard that I can't get to work. It is charged, the green light is on and the Bluetooth on the iPad is on but nothing shows up when I type a message. Is this keyboard only for Air2?