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Sep 1, 2008
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I posted earlier about not being able to unlock the iphone that was sent to me from Switzerland. I think the "katester", or someone closed out my thread because IT thought I stole the phone. I guess I understand your skepticism because it is not a normal situation, but it is the truth. After doing some research I also understand that you are probably not able to help me out of this situation because you don't know how to. But dont close the thread and call me a thief. Give some other people a shot at helping someone out as a result of your lack of knowledge.

I recently lost my ipod touch in Europe. I filled out a form on the Eurail website saying it was lost and later got a reply saying they found it. They sent it to me and when I opened the package it was an iphone. I was thinking it would be great because now I can use the phone for my ipod. Unfortunately the phone is locked with a number code. Is there any way to get by this code and use the phone as only an ipod? The Apple store said the only way is to activate it as a phone which I don't need.

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