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Twitter Notification Help


New member
Oct 4, 2011
I went into Settings > Sounds > Tweet and changed the tone to "Tweet" but it when I get a notification for a mention, DM, etc. it plays the default "Tri-tone." Even when I go back into the Sounds profile I see "Tweet" checked. Does anybody know why the change isn't taking effect? All the other apps that I have configured sounds for (calls, sms, voicemail...) will play the sound profile I select for them.

I am running iOS 5.1.1 on a Jailbroken VZW iPhone 4s (the problem existed before I jailbroke it - I haven't done much other than add a tweak or two using Activator and SBSettings).

Please and thank you.


New member
Oct 7, 2009
that "Tweet" sound you are selecting for Twitter is for sent only, not incoming. Tri-tone is mostly used with most apps (another reason why i like Tweetbot more)

since you are jailbroken search in Cydia for: PushTone

this tweak will allow you to assign any available tones on your device for desired apps
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