Tweepshoot - the World's first Twitter iPhone game.


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Jun 15, 2009
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Howdy iPhone Bloggers,

I believe Tweepshoot to be the World's first iPhone Twitter game. (Or, if you prefer, "World's First iPhone Twitter Game".)

I also believe that if you enjoy your iPhone, and your enjoy Twitter, then you will enjoy Tweepshoot.

Additionally, if you enjoy Australians doing cheesy Wild West vocal characterizations, then you will definitely enjoy Tweepshoot.

How well do you know the people you follow on Twitter? How many of those Tweeps are those that you've simply autofollowed by default after they've (possibly nefariously/automated-ly) followed you? Put these highly philosophical questions to the test as you immerse yourself in Tweepsville, home of a good old fashion game we like to play called Tweepshoot.

Tweepshoot is not only a fun thumb-tappin' good time that will in all very real possibility make you laugh out loud (yes, that's right.), it also sports enough of a Twitter client to let you holler as much as you like.