Trying to have Mifi device always connect to iPhone 5 in car.


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Dec 25, 2016
Okay, so it's cheaper to have a Verizon mifi device than it is to put my iPhone 5 on a third line on my account than it is to use it as an iPod/carplay device in my car.

Problem is I can't figure out the correct settings between the two to have both ready to go with Internet infection and Siri for my purposes. Basically I just want to get in the car and not have to touch either device. I just want the WiFi ready to go so Siri can work and I can tell it what playlists to play or where to go in carplay.

I've noticed the mifi device (6620I) turns itself off eventually. And that also, the iPhone won't be connected to WiFi until I at least press the home key. I don't understand auto lock. Like ideally I would like the phone to never auto lock but for the screen to eventually turn off at least. Is there an option for that? I think I can change the settings for the mifi to never turn off.

I'm sorry if it's confusing. This is the best i can explain it.

I know this is going to have to be a collaboration between settings of both devices. I normally use a galaxy s6 for a phone and it's been a while since I used an iPhone. I also have an iPod 5g but it acts up a lot and isn't capable of carplay. I got the iPhone 5 used to replace the iPod and to have carplay. The iPhone has ios 8.4.1

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