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Trouble setting up new iPhone 5s


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Hi, I backed everything up to iCloud yesterday mid day on my iPhone 4. Later in the day I tried to switch over to my iPhone 5s, and put in my apple ID to start the transfer. I unfortunately left my old iPhone on, and the 5s is not starting up or loading. It is stuck in the one place and I just want to redo the process again with my other phone turned off. How can I do this? Thanks.


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Jan 8, 2012
Plug your iPhone 5S into a wall socket and let it charge to capacity. Afterwards, turn it on, connect it to your computer, initiate the iTunes app on your computer, and select "restore". When finished, you will be prompted to enter the language, etcetera, and then be given the option to set up as new or restore via iCloud or iTunes.


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Sep 3, 2012

Does your old iPhone run 7.0.3?
The issue is you can't restore from a backup using a higher version than the phone being restored.

My own experience was:
Backup from iPhone 5 using 7.0.3 through iCloud
Setting up a new iPhone 5s with stock 7.0.1 with iCloud restore. The restore was looping on the Apple logo with a progress bar of around 20%.

The fix was to plug the iPhone 5s to a computer and upgrade it to 7.0.3 through iTunes.
Once it has 7.0.3, it can use the backup made from a 7.0.3 system.

A system with an iOS version number inferior to the backup's one can't use this backup.