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Feb 16, 2017
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Hello, I used to have an android phone and I just got an iPhone 7. Before returning my phone, I made a copy of all my pictures on my computer. I have tried to use iTunes to transfer my pictures but after they're added to photos, I have no control over any of them. In other words, it won't let me delete any of the pictures. Is there any way that I can just copy paste pictures into my iPhone like I used to do with Android? and if there is not a way, how can I copy pictures from my computer into my phone?

I have done my research and some people say to upload all my pictures to DropBox or just to email them to myself and then download them but I have over 1,000 pictures so I don't think it's efficient for me to go one by one.

Also, after getting the pictures from my computer is there any way that I can integrate the pictures from my computer to the ones I have been taking with my phone? For ex. I have folder with screenshots in my computer and on my iPhone I have another folder that contains screenshots that I have only taken with this phone. Can I put the pictures from my computer into the same folder?

Thank you so much for your help!


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Aug 14, 2015
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Welcome to iMore.

I have found the best way to manage my photos between computer and iPhone is to create a folder with sub-folders on my computer and sync that folder back to my iPhone. First I download my images off my iPhone with Image Capture to my iMac. Once downloaded to my iMac, I will edit them, put them into the folder I sync with my iPhone and the rest happens when I sync.

Very easy to take total control of your photos that way. Hope this helps you. Thanks!

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