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Transferring music from an old iPod?


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My brother passed away and I ended up with his iPod. A friend of his would like the music from this unit and I would like her to have it. I have an iTunes account which will certainly try to sync this device and I don't want to risk losing his music. Obviously, I am tech challenged. A little help?


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Nov 12, 2015
First off, sorry for your loss. It has been a while since I've used an iPod, but if I recall correctly I do not believe there is a way to transfer music from the iPod to a computer. Obviously you can move music from your computer to the iPod, but the ability to reverse this process is not possible in iTunes. That being said, there are numerous third party options out there that can take music off of your iPod. I found this on the Apple Discussions forum and in the top answer the commenter provides numerous links to the aforementioned software.



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Jan 10, 2015
Check out the software copyThing from CrispSofties. I used it years ago to have my personal music available on my work computer.
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