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Transfering 3gs data to new 4s using iTunes 11.3.1


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Hi, I really need help with this problem. Firstly I'm using imac with the latest iTunes (11.3.1), i've been using my iphone 3gs for few years now & I recently juz got an iphone 4s. When I got my 4s as usual I needed to set up my phone but without plugging it into my imac, I recovered some datas from my old 3gs using icloud as I signed in. Sadly I only recovered my contacts & reminders.

So now, I'm kinda confuse when I tried to use iTunes for backup ,adding musics etc.. (with my 4s plugged into my imac of coz) I really HATE the new iTunes, I've got 2 options.....
1.Set up as new iPhone or
2.Restore from this backup (my previous iphone3gs backup description shows "unknown")

My question is if I "set up as new", will my current data in my 4s be erased? & if I "restore" will my current data be overwritten?? Please HELP ME.... I'm really lost & confused.


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Feb 12, 2011
Yes to both. If you restore as new the phone will literally be like you just opened box. If you restore from back up phone is erased and whatever you backed up is on there

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