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Transfer Photos from IPhone 3GS to laptop (Dell)


New member
Sep 30, 2020
Hi All,

I recently found my old iphone 3GS, I have many photos stored on the phone that are of great sentimental value that I would like to transfer to my laptop, unfortunately I have run into a few issues and require some help.

The operating system on the phone is 6.0.1 and cannot be updated
When I used the iphone back in the day I never set up the icloud, so none of the pictures are saved there. I think the age of the operating system is also now preventing me from setting up icloud on the phone again.

Things I have tried

I have tried connecting the phone to my laptop - I can see the iphone icon on my laptop (sometimes) but when I click on it I can see a DCIM folder which appears to be empty - I think this is due to my laptop not having security access to the phone, but I have no idea how to grant this access, there does not appear to be any option on the phone to "trust" my laptop

I have tried to email the photos on my iphone to myself (even though this would take ages due to the 5 picture limit). However it appears as though that version of gmail on the iphone is so old that it is now a security risk and google wont let me send emails via it.

I have tried to send my pictures via bluetooth. I cannot send them to my current phone (one plus 3T), as the Iphone says this is not allowed. I can connect to my laptop via bluetooth but there does not appear to be any way to send pictures via this channel.

Would anyone have any suggestions on how I transfer my pictures. As mentioned above, they hold great sentimental value, and i am worried my iphone will die and they will be lost forever.

Many thanks for your help