TranCreative releases WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPhone & iPod touch

Sep 7, 2008
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TranCreative announces the its first application for iPhone and iPodTouch: WordBook Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language.

The application features:
? 150,000 entries with definition content equivalent to a 1,800-page book.
? Word links connecting hundred thousands of words together not only to similar meanings but also hierarchy, related forms and origins. It's more of a simple thesaurus.
? Fast loading index view with 3 alphabetical selectors to scroll accurately without typing.
? Powerful partial-match, wild card, anagram and sounds-like word searches.
? Convenient editable favorites and history lists.
? Browser-like content navigation.
? Built-in quick help.
WordBook has been a favorite English dictionary developed by TranCreative since 2002. It was made originally for Windows Mobile smartphones. The dictionary received highly ratings from mobile phone user community and was named 2007 Best Dictionary Software from Pocket PC and Smartphone Magazine.

WordBook for iPhone and iPod touch is available immediately on iTunes and App Store for only $7.99.

For more information about WordBook English Dictionary or this new version, please visit our website at TranCreative Software, or email at
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