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Touch Squash-- Out on AppStore


New member
Jul 6, 2009
Available only for US$0.99 - iTunes Store


Play the sport, make your fingers sweat, and become a Pro.

Introducing the first and only Squash 3D game exclusively for your iPhone? and iPod? Touch at a special introductory price!

A game to tingle your senses of sight, sound and touch, just like in a fast-paced real game of Squash.


? Stunning 3D graphics
? Real-time physics simulation
? Surround sound effects simulation

? 2 squash courts to choose from: Light-up the "Dark-court" with your skills or black-out your opponent in the classic "Light court"
? Intuitive controls to move your racquet (or racket) in 3D
? Want to feel the shot as you hit the ball? Turn on the "vibrate" option and enjoy the hits and misses.

? Unlimited hours of play. Play hard, play longer - it's not easy to predict your opponent. So watch out!

? Different levels of easy, medium and hard to choose from. Opponent gets faster and smarter with each level, and so should you.
? Practice modes with slow, fast and super fast ball selection. Play alone and make some noise with your racquet and ball. Get an idea of your skills before you go head-to-head with your opponent.

Grab your virtual racquet, get inside the squash court, and get ready for some real 3D squash action!

Highly recommended for fans of game titles like ping pong, tennis, curve ball etc.

YouTube - Touch Squash Game Trailer for iPhone and iPod touch