Touch ID greatly improved after washing hands a miracle?


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So basically a few days back I dropped my 5s on a concrete floor of 1ft height. Everything in the phone seems fine, the touch sensor has no scratches whatsoever, but one problem was an hour back when I tried to register a finger, it kept giving "Finger Moved" and "Move Finger" messages eventually ending up failing!! But given my hands were a bit sweaty I got rid of the sweat but it's still giving errors. Then I went to wash my hands and....

The Touch ID sensor improved itself like 200%? Now when I try to register a finger I don't even get these errors any more. I can even do it with my eyes closed, just like before. So tell me, did washing hands do the trick or was it a miracle?


Oct 2, 2013
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Dirty hands will certainly cause a fail. It's all a miracle to me. This little iPhone that does so much. It truly is amazing. All smartphone are. Glad you figured it out and got your prints set.