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Feb 10, 2011
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Category: Music
Updated: May 03, 2011
Current Version: 1.0.1
Size: 30.5 MB
Languages: English, Korean
Seller: Uangel Corporation
? UANGEL Corp.
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The Touch Band application is a lifesaver in so many ways: a) It would help you get that new tune in your head out anywhere and everywhere. b) It would replace the absent band member or instrument when you jam c) It makes your music a whole lot cooler!
Touch Band is the one application that will give you high quality sound effects while you play five different instruments and not all of them you might be a master of: the piano, drums, guitar, bongo drums and ocarina! Each of the instruments comes with the highest degree of sophistication and sound quality. You can jam anywhere you want and record your songs with great sound clarity and nowhere do you have to feel that you are not using the real instruments! Why? Mostly because Touch Band gives you the freedom to explore each instrument to the fullest. You automate the bass drum, play any of the 192 chords on the guitar and switch to piano or the electric keyboard with almost 80 keys in each! You can experiment with the melodic sounds of the ocarina and bongo and create real music using your portable device!
Check out all the features of the instruments available in Touch Band:

* Drum
- Five Drum Skins: Acoustic, Electronic, Glow, Pot Drum and Thumb
- Ten Drum Sounds: Studio Heavy, Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Seventies, Dance, Road House, Pot Drum
- Vibration Effect for real drum effect
- Auto-Bass Drum Play: 15 ~ 240 range BPM selection
- Record / Play / Recording list

* Guitar
- 192 Chords
- Preset for Major Chords
- Own chord selections: Up to 12 chords
- Chord instruction: Real image chord
- Record / Play / Recording list

* Piano
- Piano Selection: Piano (88 keyboards) / Electronic Piano (76 keyboards)
- Keyboard Selection: 1 or 2 lines, width
- Easy control for keyboard position
- Record / Play / Recording list

* Bongo Drum
- Consisting of a pair of larger drum and smaller drum
- Two different sounds: Head and Edge
- Record / Play / Recording list

* Ocarina
- Eight different sounds
- Four Ocarina Skins
- Record / Play / Recording list

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