Torn between iPhone X vs 8 Plus. Which one?


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Hi all!
I had purchased a used iPhone X with AppleCare till May 2020 a few months back and I liked it so far but I have been missing the wider screen and better battery life of the Plus. I’ve always had a Plus iPhone before. I have a family member who asked me if I’d want their 8 Plus (they’re switching to a phone from their company) and that phone also has AppleCare till May 2020, a couple days less than the X. They would sell it to me for around $100 less than what I paid for the X so I’m tempted .. however, I have invested money in the X before as well because I broke the display and paid the $29 fee and lost one accident incident on AppleCare. I like that the X is a smaller form factor but honestly, everything else I liked more on the Plus except for the added weight and bulkiness of the Plus. What advice would you give me? I want to keep one of these phones for at least 2-3 years.


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Here's a song that sums up your dilemma....

I don't think there is a wrong answer. It's sounds to me like you are leaning towards the 8 Plus. It's bigger, has similar specs, AND it's OS operates closer to what you are used to. The X on the other hand IS a bit better spec'd, it uses it's size more efficiently; what I mean is you get a big screen in a smaller form factor. Gestures while different, are the current trend. Android too is going that direction with their next version.

I think ultimately I would choose the X. I will probably get it's successor in the fall. BUT what phone works best for you, is ultimately your call. As I said, it sounds to me you are leaning towards the 8. Whatever you decide just go for it and don't look back! You really can't make a bad choice here BOTH are excellent phones. :)

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