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Sep 12, 2012
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Why act so surprised? What'd you expect? Apple is going with what works and what works is what they've been doing. I love the new backing of the 5, but not enough to actually get one when my 4s works fine.

The point is that every claims that Apple is so revolutionary. And that the iPhone is the greatest phone on the planet. But in all seriousness we all know that this iPhone 5 is mediocre at best. There are so many "flagship" phones coming out...this is really a middle of the pack offering. Let's be realistic. Its smaller than 90% of phones out there. It's battery didnt get any bigger, and now it has LTE...less battery life. The new connector is not preferable...they could have at least gone USB like everyone else. The design is recycled and old. The OS is old. Honestly the only thing that I've been missing since my Ol' 3GS is Siri...and we wont get into how bad it is even though it's "BETA" Other than the Apple label and naiveness of consumers, why would anyone buy and iPhone 5 over a Galaxy S3 or OneX or the new Lumia 920 coming out? Ecosystem I suppose is the answer. Sure, you've invested into Apple's ecosystem. Is it worth spending the premium dollar on a non premium phone eveery cycle?

I'm not trying to be antagonistic...I'm truely asking these questoin searching for answers. These same question are the ones I had when i sold my 3GS and left Apple. I knew this basically was the route they were going and decided it was a little too greedy and didnt get much out of it. Granted it's just a phone. No smartphone is prefect and I hope you enjoy your choice. No hard feelings or anything(like some may have after reading this post). But whaat really gets my goat is that people will pass this off as the next greatest phone! It's a must have! No other phone can touch it! We all know that is bunk.
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