Tmobile UK, no 3G without Edge???


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Oct 27, 2008
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I have a 3G jailbreak'd and ultra unlocked running with Tmob UK. I did it second time via the full restore method because the first time jailbreaking a previous jailbroken phone didn't work properly. I saw that users were saying that their batterys were dying really quickly and the solution was to turn off Edge using Boss prefs/SBsettings. I did this, but then found I couldn't get any 3g services to work. No mail, no safari, no maps etc. Nothing. My wife has an original iphone not jailbroken still with its intended supplier which uses Edge. When I re-activated Edge on the 3G all the services came back, but before you say that was Edge providing them, there is a huge difference in the speed of Edge and 3G connecting to Maps for instance. The 3G was running at 3G speeds not Edge. However, the battery then lasted only a short while. Has anyone else expeienced this? Surely you can't need to have Edge on just so 3G works? Thanks