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May 21, 2012
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And thanks for taking the time to read about my app, I really appreciate it.

iAdd is a productivity app. iAdd is not a to-do list app, not a task manager, nor a time manager. And yet, it lets you organize your life in a way that won't make you a robot, obsessing over unfinished tasks, but still letting enough room to accomplish a lot during the day.

It does that by splitting your activity into three main realms: Assess, Decide, and Do.

In Assess you add everything that's in your mind, potential tasks, events, projects (with subtasks) and ideas (which can be later promoted to projects). You can even archive items that you know you're gonna need later into Collections. Once you can't assess something anymore, you send it to Decide.

In Decide, you "sign the contract' to actually do that task, project or event. You assign a deadline and a context to it. When you're ready, you send the item to Do.

And in Do, well, you just do what you sent from Decide.

This framework follows a very natural pattern in which we are allowed to just assess our environment (sometimes known as "procrastinating"), plan things according to our own schedule and do them by only focusing on what's to be done.

Apart from that, iAdd, the app, lets you:
- use the framework from your iPhone or your iPad (universal app, buy once, run on all devices)
- sync your entire database with Dropbox
- email your projects, tasks, events or ideas
- generally, speaking, it lets you have a life too, by generating a feeling of balance and presence

iAdd is available for sale now at the iTunes Store by following this link*
App Store - iAdd
and you can read more about it at its own website: http:/iadd.co.*

Here is a video of iAdd in action

You can also find screenshots and updates here*
IAdd | Facebook

Here are a few promo codes if you want to try it out.


Please note: the iPhone screenshots are form the upcoming version, which is currently under approval with the AppStore, the iPad screenshots are from the app which is currently available on the AppStore.

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