TiPb Birthday Bash: Turn a TiPb staffer Into a Rolando! Win ngmoco Apps + BT Headset

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Rene Ritchie

Old Man Ritchie
Jan 12, 2007
Entering this contest counts as an entry in TiPb's Birthday Bash grand-prize draw for an Unlocked ColorWare iPhone 3G!

Woohoo! The week is done, Saturday?s here and it?s time for? another Birthday Bash contest? Oh, yeah, and also fun!

This time the fabulous folks at ngmoco have given us not one, not two, but three (3!) of their astounding games to gift on to three (3) you:

  • Topple 2: Enjoy the classic Topple experience, but master the new modes as well. Upside-down mode inverts gravity for a topsy-turvy play experience. Balance mode lets you weigh two towers against each other. Power Tower mode challenges you to build a power line using conductive blocks. Rescue mode uses your tower building skills to save the precious golden egg.
  • WordFu: Shake your letter dice and spell as many words as you can before the clock runs out. Build up your score by unleashing an endless word barrage! Freeze time, flick dice for better letters, and let loose a fiery spelling fury! Once you?ve mastered it on your own, take on your friends over WiFi. Dominate the leaderboard on your quest to earn WordFu Belts and become a true WordFu Grand Master. Once no worldly man can defeat you, play Shaolin Style for the highest WordFu challenge!
  • Rolando: Rolandoland has been invaded and the Rolandos need your help! Use innovative tilt, tap and Multi-Touch controls to solve physics puzzles, toy with interactive environments, and evade pesky enemies as you lead the Rolandos to victory.

And to sweeten the pot beyond sweet, TiPb?s iPhone Store is kicking in a Jabra BT530 Bluetooth Headset so you can keep your hands free for all that gaming action!

Destroy unwanted sound with Noise Blackout.The Jabra BT530 is the first Bluetooth headset with Noise Blackout. Unique amongst wireless hands-free headsets, it provides background noise elimination ? without any compromise on natural voice quality.Dual microphones, coupled with advanced DSP technology, identify the source of sound ? and then enhance your own voice, and obliterate peripheral noise.

And what do you have to do to win? Why just:

  • Turn a TiPb staffer into a? Rolando!

That?s right, take Dieter, Rene, Chad, or Jeremy and draw, photoshop, collage, papier mache ? whatever! ? us all scrunched up into a rolling round ball, and post the results in a reply to this thread below. The one we like best gets the headset and all three games. The two runners up still get all three games!

Reference pictures are available via our About TiPb page. Reference Rolando-types are all over ngmoco?s Rolando site.

Make wicked fun of the staff and get an awesome prize back? Doesn?t get any better than that, so get to it!

- Open to everyone with a US iTunes Store account and a US mailing address (sorry, no international shipping)
- Inappropriate content will not be considered for the contest at the sole discretion of the staff.
- Contest starts now and runs until Tuesday, May 12, at 12pm.

Leanna Lofte

App and photo editor
Sep 7, 2008
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Here's Chad in Rolandoland!

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