Tip for Google Maps on iPhone - Driving Directions


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Jan 31, 2006
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This tip deals with getting directions while walking/driving, etc. Many times Google Maps will either route me on a road I don't want to travel or sometimes I'll miss my turn and need new directions to my destination. I just found out that OS 3.0 has greatly improved this feature so I'm posting it here. First let me tell you how it is in OS 2.X for all of you that haven't upgraded yet.

OS 2.0
Start Google maps and get directions to your destination. Now if you are off Google's course (because you made a wrong turn or you wanted to avoid a particular road), you will want some new/updated directions to your destination. Hit the EDIT button in the upper left. It will show two places; where you started from and where you are going to. But you want directions from where you are now, not where you were. Tap the Beginning address and start typing CURRENT LOCATION. Usually this will pop up in the list of places after pressing C and maybe U. Tap the words CURRENT LOCATION and get new directions. It is kind of a pain, but it works.

OS 3.0
Now here's the good news. In 3.0 when you hit EDIT the start location automatically defaults to the CURRENT LOCATION. No more having to type it in. AWESOME. Just hit EDIT and then get your new directions from where you are..(not where you were.) Thanks Google and Apple. This makes Google Maps so much more efficient.