Thoughts on Belkin's Tunecast Iphone 3G Car Player...?


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Jul 7, 2008
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Hi, folks,

Has anyone found a good Iphone 3g car player/adapter yet?

I've been using Belkin's Tunecast all-in-1 Iphone 3g car player/charger. The charger works beautifully. The FM player leaves something to be desired. I live in the Chicago 'burbs (btw, Bad Ash, I went to the AT&T store in Wheaton on opening day Friday...I heard the Apple stores in Oakbrook and Woodfield mall were HELL...), and I'd say I get a good signal about 80% of the time. I get static the other 20%. I guess that's not too bad, now that I think about it, but my Itrip seemed to do a better job playing my ipod. Alas, my Itrip apparently doesn't work with my Iphone.

Speaking of which, I get the annoying "this accessory is not made to work with the Iphone..," which is strange since Belkin advertises this device as being compatible with the Iphone and Iphone 3g (not to mention that it works FINE, for the most part!)...I'm new to the this is a common occurrance for Iphone accessories to give this bizzare message? As a side note, I've also found that if I turn my Iphone on first, THEN plug in the Belkin player, I don't get the wierd message. Strange, no?

Thanks, all,
(..former Treo 700p user...)


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Jun 28, 2008
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What is a million times better (and is cheaper in the long run as people tend to keep buying and buying FM transmitters hoping one is better than the other) is to buy a car stereo with an AUX jack. You can get a Jensen/Sony/JVC installed for $67.99 at Circuit City (not endorsing them but install is included in the price of their products so you get the idea of the cost)... or you can always spend more to get a car stereo with more features.

The nice thing about an AUX jack is that it works with ANY electronic device that has a headphone jack. I use mine for our portable DVD player (movies in surround sound in the car baby!) my Zune, my iPod, my Zen, laptop, etc.

ETA: If you are considering this route you may want to consider a car stereo that also has Bluetooth Capabilities for hands free calling in the car. This is found in low priced car stereos too.
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