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Oct 9, 2011
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Hey all! The names Dennis, I'm 21 years old from Tempe Arizona. I guess I should start by saying a little something about me!

I'm a cell phone enthusiast. Have been one since I was about 14 years young. Started with a cheap cricket phone basic features like calling and texting and oh! A flashlight ^_^ I started getting allowances and money and started updating my phones to difference companies every month or 2. I tried all the prepaid companies and prepaid phones. From Cingular prepaid, to tmobile, cricket, and Virgin mobile. Since I wasn't old enough or had a job to get a "good phone" I stuck with Virgin mobile since they had a more "teen" type cell phone. Finally at 17 I was able to afford my own contract phone with Verizon and thus the trading started and Craigslist came along. I was always unsatisfied with the phones i owned. More bored than anything.

If a phone bored me I would trade it withing the month and for the next 3 or 4 years I would go through phones faster then I went through underwear.

It all started with the env2 which I then traded for the LG voyager, which turned into the EnV touch, which turned into the moto Q, than the original enV.

Got my upgrade and upgraded to the blackberry curve. Was able to trade that for a storm 2 and then I joined the ranks of android users when I traded that storm 2 for a droid 2. But it didn't stop there from there i owned the fascinate, Star Wars droid 2, droid 3 and Finally landed the phone of my dreams when I traded my droid 3 for the iPhone 4.

I guess that's where it all started. Since 2007 I wanted the iPhone but could never "afford it" finally I had it in my hand. And 2 years later the obsession continues with the iPhone 5. It all led up to this and I couldn't be happier with this phone. And company. I know it's kinda long but I figured I'd introduce my self this way since in the tech world I see myself as a phone enthusiast. I'm outgoing, I love photography and cooking. I guess those are the basics technology, photos and food!

Been a part of these forums since my first iPhone 4 and I haven't looked back. I love imore and everyone here :) you have all taught me so much about everything and I'm glad I'm still here a part of it all.

Sekelani Zwambila

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Dec 17, 2012
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I've been an apple fanatic myself. First had the iPhone 3G. Then the 3GS then iPhone 4, iPhone 4S then iPhone 5
Then got the iPad /, iPad 4th generation and MacBook Pro 2010 then MacBook Pro 2011 lol.
I'm crazy I know. But I'm not going to update my mac for a very long time.


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Nov 2, 2011
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I too had a similar cellphone past! It's kinda creepy how many of the same phones you traded, I've traded! I would get bored really quickly as well. The iPhone has held my attention the longest at 6 months. Yes I traded my iPhone 4S for a Galaxy Nexus, to a Droid Razr Maxx and came to my senses and managed to trade my Razr Maxx for an iPhone 4S again! I'm home!

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