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Thinking of Switching to Iphone....MAYBE.....

Nogitsune Micah

New member
May 25, 2013
(Please forgive me if this is the wrong section)

So i am eligible for an upgrade come September and I am either going to upgrade my Lumia 1520 to the newest Lumia or Iphone 6(If it is larger than current iPhones).

I am here today to get educated and i ask you all....Sell me on IOS.(You can read below why i am looking to switch). But what would you tell someone like me who is curious and looking to jump ship from WP to IOS.

What I dislike about IOS/Iphone

1. Itunes is horrible to me. Maybe it is because I use Windows, but itunes just feels slow...I had to use it briefly to edit my song titles and album art(I usually use Xbox music) and I just hate it. Ironically it has a lot of features, it just feels clunky.

Can you drop/drag files into a iPhone....Can i literally avoid using itunes EVER or am I forced to use it at least once lol.

2. This is not a hate....but a curiosity...i am trying to get into an ecosystem. I want to know all my devices sync perfectly together....My Lumia works perfectly with Windows 8/Surface.

How do you all who use Windows product sync with your iPhones?

3. This is probably weird of me...but I love my live tiles. Everytime I look at iOS(or Android), the look of just static icons with the little red alerts above them just looks boring. i love my tiles on my Lumia and the animations and the flashing images(though Microsoft still hasnt fully perfect live tiles imo). While I can likely adapt to IOS, i just know the lack of live tiles will bother me(It bothered me when i went to android briefly)

I do love Apple's hardware and while their cameras are not Lumia quality, I do hear good things about the camera of iPhones.

Why i am thinking of switching:
I Know very little about iPhones, Ipads, and Macs or anything Apple Related. I use Microsoft Products(Surface Tablet, Windows 8, Xbox Music, OneDrive, Lumia).

I like my computer hardware and I am very happy with Surface/Windows 8....

Its the phone portion i am annoyed with these days. I've been a strong supporter of Windows phone 8 since 2012(Even wp7) simply because i think it is visually the best looking OS out now and unique and I enjoy using it.....but

1. Microsoft truly is slow with making what is a Good OS, Perfection. I dislike Android/Google and I am not familiar with IOS,but their events are interesting whereas Microsoft is mainly playing catch up.

2. Rumors have it that Microsoft is potentially bringing Android apps to the platform and to me, that just says we don't have enough faith in our own platform so we NEED android. I want nothing to do with google/android as much as possible.

3. While I don't need a million apps, the apps I do use are always treated as an afterthought on windows phone(case in point: Twitter's Vine app is horrid on WP and lacks features found on IOS/Android).

We have excellent 3rd party choices but even they don't have EVERY feature.

So as of now, I am looking around. I know I do not want Android....Had it for 3 years and I hate what google is slowly turning into.

So iPhone is where I am looking towards should i switch in September :)


New member
Mar 17, 2012
I would never dream of "selling" you into iPhone. But I welcome you to iMore and invite you to browse through our forums for the information you seek. I would also suggest you look at and handle the devices you're interested in.

One caveat - if you hate iTunes as you say you do, you may be unhappy with a platform that uses iTune as its core. To answer your question as to syncing, my laptop is Windows and conducts syncing tasks perfectly.


Dec 3, 2012
First, welcome to iMore. We can't "sell" you on iPhones or Apple products. I suggest you do your research here at iMore and other places. Take a look at the iPhone 6 when it's released and make a decision based on your needs. You know that better than anyone. Good luck.


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
Welcome to iMore. Now in regard to your situation, each OS has its strengths and weaknesses. What you have to do is find the device that meet or exceed your expectations and needs more than the others and then go with that particular device.


New member
Feb 14, 2014
Welcome. I have used both but love the iPhone. The nokia is a great phone but I love having apps first and for everything. I use both windows and mac computers and find both the work great with my iPhone 5. Onedrive is my goto cloud service and the apple app works great. I agree with others though if you don't like itunes you may have a problem there. I will say that I did not care for it either until I had to with getting the iPhone but now I get all my media there and occasionally amazon as well. Amazons new media player works great as well. I finally switched for things like my new made for apple hearing aids that integrate with the phone. Things like that simply are not coming to WP and Blackberry unless they end up using android to fill the gaps. While I like things about them all iPhone just fits my needs best. Good luck with your decision.

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New member
May 16, 2013
I'm sort of in a similar positioned as you. I really thought of getting a lumia because I do like a lot of Microsoft service and thought it would integrate better there. Also , surface 3 looks really cool, and I use a windows PC at home.

However , I honestly don't think I can go to lumia because of lack of apps and because this possibility of android support gets me nervous about the life if the platform.

So I've been trying to figure out if those services from Microsoft (one drive, office, outlook, etc.) go well with apple and iOS. It just feels kind if weird, since there big competitors. But so far one drive seems pretty good on iOS.

I'm back and forth wether I want to try and get off Google or not. And wether the privacy concerns are really worth stressing about. Because while I think bing is perfectly ok, no one uses bing. And gmail seems to have slot if features and holds more professional clout than outlook.com (even though I like the look and UI of outlook more than gmail) and you get free productivity software with google docs.


New member
Sep 27, 2013
The only way to see if you like a platform is to try it. If you want to try out iOS I would take advantage of T-Mobile's test drive. They send you an iPhone 5s for 7 days to try out (It's supposed to be for you to test the network). To me this is the best no-cost way for you to try out the OS.

here's a link to the TMO program:
T-Mobile Test Drive | Try our 4G LTE Network for Free

Good Luck,


Mar 31, 2012
The iPhone has something called iCloud which is a cloud service that backs your device up, saves your pictures and things, and documents.

I guess in terms of collaboration across devices, the iCloud is as far as what iOS can refer to as a syncing tool.

Nogitsune Micah

New member
May 25, 2013
I genuinely love my Lumia and I love Windows Phone.....

I can even deal with the lack of equality with apps....kind of.

I just hate what Microsoft is doing(A lot of what made WP perfect has been dumbed down in WP 8.1, which actually helps to make the transition if i move because WP 8.1 feels more like Android/IOS with a tiled interface) and is not doing(the OS could be so much better but they have dragged their feet with it).

On a plus note....my boyfriend's friend has actually swapped phones with me(He has my 1520 and I have his iPhone 5S). I am still missing my tiles, I still hate itunes, but away from the boring static Icons and how limited Siri seems in comparison to Cortana....I actually sort of like the interface :)

He wanted to try WIndows Phone so we did a swap.
The camera is really good for Selfies but a bit....meh when it comes to low light and high quality pics in comparison to my lumia.

GPS isn't as good, but it is decent.

Of course, it is murder typing on his small screen coming from a 6 inch phone.

I dont think I can use a Mac....unless it has Windows though lol. I am currently without my Surface 3 as well...he has it and i am using an iPad.

The iPad i can already tell is not for me. It's trivial and it doesn't feel like something I can be fully productive with. i feel like i am using a slightly better than kindle fire tablet using the ipad vs when using my Surface 3, i am using a tablet with laptop power.

Not Quite Right

Active member
May 11, 2013
haha i couldnt tell if it was sarcasm or not :p

It was sarcasm, but totally meant in good humor. Folks around imore seem to accept that I'm a jerk, and ignore me (everyone has that one uncle at the family reunion). Now if you want to unload that 1520 for my iPhone 5 we'll see how much you really want to switch to the iPhone LOL ...


New member
Jul 24, 2013
It was sarcasm, but totally meant in good humor. Folks around imore seem to accept that I'm a jerk, and ignore me (everyone has that one uncle at the family reunion). Now if you want to unload that 1520 for my iPhone 5 we'll see how much you really want to switch to the iPhone LOL ...

Yeah we have! :) James should give you a shout out in the next community update "Congratulations to Not Quite Right for acting not quite right, and being the community jerk."


New member
Mar 4, 2014
I used MS when it was still a Windows Mobile so I feel your pain :)

Switched to Android phone and never looked back.

Imho Apple makes the best 7" tablet (which is why I went with Mini Retina) but I don't quite like the iPhone. To me it's too expensive for what it has to offer, the iOS is just not set up well for doing things quickly and on the go like adding a meeting or an Evernote record with a single tap, the battery life isn't the greatest, the screen size is small (well 6 may fix this) and the storage is way too pricey so if you plan on storing songs on your device be prepared to pay a lot. Android phones have in my experience been better than their tablets, especially the Samsung Galaxy line, the battery life is good, they support SD cards, and to me the OS is better suited for having things done quickly on a small screen. I don't use any Apple specific services - between Google Calendar / contacts, Gmail, Toodledo, Evernote, Kindle and Dropbox I can use any device and get the same access to all of my stuff. (And if you use MS services, the Outlook calendar / contacts and Onedrive work too, and sync to both iOS and Android devices).

To answer some of your more specific questions:

You can simply drag and drop a file into Android. You must use iTunes to transfer files to iOS (or an online cloud like Dropbox). Note that iOs doesn't have a file system (or at least nothing you can access) so when using iTUnes you can only upload a file to a particular program that uses it. For music, theres a few workarounds, eg load your files to Onedrive,