Thinking of going from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s Plus?


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Apr 20, 2015
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A few months ago I went through the same struggle. As a Verizon customer on a 3 GB shared plan I didn’t have the option of streaming music so a 16 GB phone + cloud storage was out of the question. My goal was to have a device that could accommodate my current music/podcast/photo library on one device (Nokia Lumia 928 + 32 GB iPod Touch). My two options were the iPhone 6 Plus (64 MB) or iPhone 6 (128 GB). After doing the math I realized I wouldn't have enough space for a 64 MB device so I chose the iPhone 6 for the following reasons:

1. I was not willing to shell out the extra $100 for 128 GB
2. When I want a larger screen I have an iMac at work and a MacBook Pro at home.
3. With a case the 6 Plus was too large for my pockets
4. Battery life is more than sufficient as I only have to charge once a day.

I’m already heavily invested in the ecosystem (also own Beats Wireless 2 Earphones) so it was a win-win situation!


Aug 11, 2015
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I guess I was already used to using my phone with 2/1,5 hands or something, because I didnt find it weird not reaching all the buttons with just one hand and thumb...


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Jul 19, 2008
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I like the size of the 6 now. I had the 6 plus. And I loved it. But this size seems right. And it complements my iPad better than the 6 Plus does.

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I've knocked that around too...since I own an iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 2 as well. The larger screen of the s-Plus might make those all but irrelevant.

The only real negative thing I can think of about opting for the 6s is that (like all other 2nd year iPhone upgrades) aside from A9 chip, rumored 12mp camera, OS9 & maybe better aluminum housing to fix the bending's just like my current phone! That's not horrible...or a deal breaker (I've owned EVERY iPhone at least once)...but I'd like to have something tangibly different this time out.

...besides, if I hate it I have 14-days to return it. :)

I think I just talked myself into getting the 6s-Plus.


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Sep 18, 2009
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Oh man. I am going against the popular response on this one lol. This is only my experience. I am 6'7" with larger than average hands. With the 6, I can hit every corner of the screen with ease. I had to make zero adjustments from how I used my 3G all the way to the 5S. I was given .7" extra screen without having to change a thing.

But like you and many, I felt it might be still a tad small. And it ate at me continuously that for the first time I didn't have the highest spec'd iPhone. I have tried numerous times to love the 6+. And at times I did. But I had to change how I used the phone and I hated that. I can one hand most things on it, but I cannot just reach with my thumb to do everything. I cannot hit back buttons, I cannot always reach to pull down notification center. It requires choosing between swiping, enacting reachability, or shifting the phone in my hand. This probably sounds silly to most, but it irritated me. I was being less efficient, taking extra steps, and uncomfortable just to have a larger screen.

I'm with you. Tried the 6+ - twice - and just wasn't for me for pretty much all the reasons you listed. Only thing I liked better about was the bigger battery.

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