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Nov 6, 2011
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im going to make this guide on how to theme your device without using winterboard.

there are a few disclaimers
1. i am not responsible if you do something you dont like, and cant fix it without a restore.
2. i am not responsible if your device become bricked
3. you should only do this if you are absolutely certain you know what you are doing
4. i do not recommend you do this
5. if you do do this, make a backup of the ENTIRE FOLDER you are working on and keep it "clean" so you have something to fall back on if it "hits the fan"

The first step is to find the theme you like. Then you are going to inspect that theme.
get it onto your pc, or look at it through ifile.
each folder of that theme is the "map" to where you are going to place your images.

you want to theme out the camera grabber on your lockscreen. the theme is going to have a main folder, usually the theme name, then inside that folder there are going to be more folders, such as bundles, inside bundles are going to be ANOTHER folder or folders.
for this example we are going to choose the folder called which is the springboard app.
inside the folder there is a .png file named: CameraGrabber@2x~iphone.png
(or if you are on a non retina device CameraGrabber~iphone.png this entire tutorial is going on the assumption of retina devices, if you have a non retina device just delete the "@2x")

heres where the work comes in.

you need to find the springboard app. in this case it is located at

(as are all the main apps, the lock screen, the battery, etc...)

now that you are in the ACTUAL FILE SYSTEM, you need to be EXTREMELY careful. dont just go deleting things. they will be gone FOREVER, until a restore. so what you should do is rename the original file that you want to change. in this case rename CameraGrabber@2x~iphone.png to "CameraGrabber@2x~iphone.pngx". then place the themed image, from the theme folder into this folder, it is already named CameraGrabber@2x~iphone.png. now respring.
you will see the themed image in place of the actual image.

this is a tedious project to theme everything the way you like it and ITS DANGEROUS. so pay attention, move slowly, ASK FOR HELP if you arent sure.

Invisible "this and that".
removing certain undersireables, such as folder backgrounds, or the dock, or the lockscreen slider is as simple as finding the title of the piece you want to remove and changing the name from "undesired@2x.png" to "undesired@2x.pngx". that simple x at the name makes the file unrecognizeable by ios and it simply isnt loaded. the file remains safe and secure in its proper location, and if you ever want to restore it back to default, just remove that extra x and respring!

Clearing the Cache.
it is also sometimes necessary to clear the cache. ios is sped up sometimes by the fact that certain images are written into the cache, and instead of loading images file by file, the entire cache is loaded and used. the easiest way to clean the cache is to use the tool "icleaner" from cydia. if you follw the directions in this tutorial, and find that something didnt work, try running icleaner, clearing the cache, and check results again.

*popular theming locations
lockscreen slider is located in the /System/LibraryPrivateFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework
Camera Grabber is located in /system/Library/CoreServices/
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Nov 6, 2011
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Added the transparency section.
Added the clearing the cache section.
spelling corrections
Added a few "popular" locations
im saving this spot for updates to the original post to keep it as clean as possible


im open to people chiming in here

manly what im looking for is the location of the most popular themeable items
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