The voice commands work in my car but If I use *82 to unblock callers. Any reason why?


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Because of my work and having to use my private phone at times to make calls I have a block through Verizon. My number comes up as restricted. To allow anyone to see the call is from me I add *82 in front of the number and it shows my name.
I had an android and it worked fine in my car when I gave a voice command to call someone.
I just got an Iphone SE. If I give a voice command to call someone from my car it calls them with no issue, unless it has the *82 and then it will not work (it says dialing but wont connect). I can hit the number with the *82 on my cell itself and then it will dial and work through my Bluetooth fine, but only if done manually. So regular numbers work fine its only the numbers I unblock with *82.
My android never had this problem and the *82 numbers work fine.
I went to a Verizon and to Chevy and no one seems to know what is causing this issue. Any idea what might be causing it,


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Jan 8, 2012
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Interesting....Use the Hey Siri feature to see if Siri can dial the numbers with the *82 prefix. I'm assuming you were using the car's inherent voice command feature.

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