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Mar 10, 2009
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Hey folks. Having lost my job because of our bad economy, I've found myself with too much free time. My free time has given birth to a creation that should never have existed - The Virtual iPhone. I invite you all to visit the Virtual iPhone to gaze in wonder at one of the worlds greatest wastes of time and ask "why?". Because my javascript is abit crude, I only wrote with consideration towards Internet Explorer's loose non-standards standards. If you are currently using FF or Chrome or Safari or whatever, please copy the link into your IE or it won't. I ask that you take your time to enjoy my creation. Double tap the home button from the lockscreen to see the iPod controls appear. Adjust the volume. Slide the "slide to unlock" slider only partially and then marvel as it slides back. I know you will appreciate my springboard icon "spring" animation as well as my app launching animation. Flick the springboard icons from page 1 to page 2 and then back again. Hit the Safari icon. Touch the Address or Search field and watch the familiar top bar adjustment animation flow. Open up PapiJump and play a quick game. Currently Safari and Papi are the only working apps and, as you'll see, my PapiJump blows. But I think any diehard iPhone fans will appreciate the subtle measures I took to simulate the iPhone experience. Give it a few seconds to load as it is a graphically robust beast. Thank you and please let me know what you think. Feel free to use words like "artist", "genius", "lifechanging" or "religious experience". If you like it, please tell a friend.

thepublicsdomain dot com/VirtualiPhone.aspx

youtube dot com/watch?v=NRg0GHMXvMo
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