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the screen on my iPhone 4 won't flip when I turn it sideways


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when I turn my iPhone it doesn't turn?it the text message key board?and on camera same thing?.it only works up and down


Active member
Oct 29, 2013
Try..... going to your homescreen, drag up toolpage from bottom of screen, tap little circular arrow thing on top row (I think) this should cancel portrait mode lock.

Rob Phillips

iPhone X & Apple TV Champion, Moderator
May 1, 2012
Welcome to iMore! Do you see this indicator at the top of your screen?

If so, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center and tap the rotation lock button to turn it off. The indicator at the top should disappear and you should be able to rotate your screen again.

If, after all of that, you're still having an issue reset your device by holding the power button and home button down simultaneously until you see the Apple boot logo.