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Sep 13, 2012
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The new layout and format looks great! Content has always been top notch, especially the guides and reviews. Looking forward to see how this evolves, and loving the yellow!


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Sep 25, 2014
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1. I would like to the Ultimate Guides formatted differently:
Give the reader the option to convert the links to articles so that the entire referenced articles appear within the 'ultimate guide.' When I think of the term 'Ultimate Guide' I think of the guide as including all items within the guide itself, not just an article mostly composed of links to other articles.

2. I would like to have all articles formatted for printing. Every article that I wish to save as a reference, I print as a pdf and save (in PDF Expert 5 or iBooks, depending upon the article content.)

3. I will post more thoughts later, but so far like very much what I have seen thus far.
3a. I have read that there are some who dislike the yellow as a primary color for the new site. For me, it was a bit jarring at first, but it has grown on me. I say keep it, maybe softening the yellow, just a bit. (When I think of the yellow you have chosen, I think of a bright sunny day, one inviting exploration!)
3b. I agree with those who feel you should work on your logo, at minimum choose a more flowing italicized font. Serenity, you are an artist, among your many other talents. Use Linea or Procreate to develop a unique logo. As another example, I used an independent, creative designer to develop one for my consulting firm (originally, Economic & Engineering Consultants). The designer developed a flowing E, based on a river, flowing through our city:

I am certainly not trying to peddle this logo, as it is registered to my company. However, I liked the thought process the designer used. Certainly there is something comparable a creative mind could conceive for iMore.

4. Keep up the great work and the continuous process of meeting the challenges of adapting to change.