The New Adapters


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Sep 14, 2012
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PLEASE READ PEOPLE: I would Advise to those looking to buy the 30 Pin Adapter to rethink it and Perhaps go with the 30 Pin Cable version. .... After Pre-ordering the Adapter I realized that it might not fit onto my phone because I have a case on it and wont Have enough space to account for 30 Pin White Plastic Part. I have OTTERBOX DEFENDER CASE. To those that have a case on your phone..... Try to see if the White Plastic Part of 30 pin will fit thru your case. I'll have my Adapter delivered tomorrow but ill have to return it for one with a cable. Try it out so you won't have a headache after opening and having to return it. Some how I foresee this being the NEXT BIG ISSUE for Complaints next week....