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The name of the 2016 flagship iPhone

chuck farly

New member
Jun 15, 2013
Based on rumours about the physical design being only tweaks with, moving the antenna lines and removing the old headphone jack. Can they call it a 7? Since iPhones invention, a number change has always corresponded to a fresh new exterior design.
So maybe 7s is appropriate like all the other "s" models; this years release is looking like last years with a substantial camera upgrade. But can you just skip the 7 and called it a 7s? It is looking basically like a tweaked 6 series device but the 6s name is taken. Lately there was buzz about the name being 6SE. Likely speculation based on the same reasoning I just mentioned. But isn't there going to be a 2017 ,4" low cost, high performance SE model. Maybe the SE2? 6SE, doesn't fit.

I can't think of any number that fits this years release as the design stands now by the rumours. So by that logic; I suggest this year they'll do as they do with so many other Apple products. They'll just call it "iPhone".

A few other benefits come along with this; this creates a clean chalkboard for the iPhone10, for next years anniversary release.
Something else can be averted this year by doing this; Samsung Galaxy is the main competition for the iPhone. The last iPhone Flagship was the iPhone 6s, while Samsung's was the S6. The S7 has been out for 6 months the S8 is coming in 6 months. Even if Apple had a phone to release this year worthy of the 7 name, they're still numerically always behind the main competitor. As IPhone has increased numerically every 2 years, and Samsung increases numerically every year. The iPhone will see itself being left behind. Seems silly but this stuff matters.
I think The last iPhone name with a number will be next years 10. Wouldn't the iPhone14 or even the 23 just be getting tedious. They have to cut it out at some point seems like the perfect year to change it up.