The iPhone may be late to features, but only Android users care


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Nov 12, 2012
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Yes. He indeed is...

"When you buy an Apple product, you're buying a quality built device that yes, may not have the best specs but is flawlessly optimized to utilize them. Not only that but rather than playing the coin flip game with the OEMs or resorting to rooting you're paying for a consistent and, in this time, unparalleled update system for a pretty good period of time, longer than most need. You're also paying for some of the best support in the technological world and the promise that your phone won't be bogged down in two months. They are what people, at least those that care about the consumer, strive to be. Nokia is working towards it but they're not quite to the extreme that Apple is."

"More reliable, more secure, better camera, maintains battery better, the audio recording is much better, no common network dropping, audio quality is better, it doesn't fail miserably at every drop test like the Nexus 5... Should I continue?"

Very well said. ;)

I mean that. It blows Android phones out of the water in terms of sheer quality. I just feel they seldom bring anything new to the table. Windows Phone is the same. It takes what others have done and improves upon it.

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