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The iPad Pro Experiment: Day three brings image editing, reading, and music


New member
Nov 15, 2015
Hi. Just can't wait now, in Australia, for a look at the IPP.
While I am happy with all Apple products I am a little biffed.
Nowhere have I seen a serious reviewer cover more uses than Facebook, entertainment and the mail etc for the elderly. Most cater for on the go professionals etc. in large cities.
Some serious attention now and again to other users would be welcomed.
I am talking about those with sight, hearing, and those doing family trees.
Not blind or deaf or beginners..
As an old man of 80 I am just slightly in those areas. I do most Photo reconstruction and repairs as needed on an iMac but the iPad helps when in bed reading the news and all else.
Truly, iPads are ideal for FaceTime and messaging for all in nursing homes, and those using signing for the deaf.
Thanks for a really great website for all you do (and I won't need the M world, ) g'day.......Noel