The future of fables is here - interactive ipad storytelling at its best

Feb 11, 2012
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Wow, Little Phoenix Interactive has (nearly) done it again with their debut release of a very old story with a very modern twist!!!

Beauty and the Beast HD brings to life Walter Crane's fantastic antique and original illustrations, combining them with tilt and touch controlled physics elements, touch animations, drag-able character cutouts and a whole array of fantastic sound effects.

This may sound like a run of the mill kids app, but it is so much more....The future of kids book apps is here with Beauty and the Beast HD for ipad.

This interactive book has been designed to please adults and children of all ages, young children will enjoy sharing with an adult, play acting with the character cutouts and triggering amusing sound effects, the older children will enjoy the classic slightly twisted story and fun interaction and the adults will love the classic illustration, page composition, music and most of all sharing a story.

Little Phoenix Interactive / Synthetic Nest