The first iPad 2-player split-screen shoot'em up


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Dec 15, 2011
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The first iPad 2-player split-screen shoot'em up on App Store

Hi folks and happy holidays,

Wanted to share this fun and brand new iPad 2-player split-screen game :)

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Get ready to destroy the evil Barrax Empire in Battle Squadron ONE? and this time, with the help of your best friend in this special 2-player split-screen version for iPad.

In this version, you can team up with your best friend to defeat the evil Barrax Empire. To succeed you must strategically share weapon upgrades and shoot down enemies together? or you can see who will last the longest if you fight ?every man for himself?? against the formidable Barrax?

There are 4 difficulties, including a brand new ?Air Commodore?, where you will certainly need your ally to make it through the scores of attack waves of Barrax fighters? and eventually make it to the enhanced ending of the game?

We have also included Game Center Achievements for 1-player mode. There are 36 in total to earn, many of which will only be attainable by the most skilled ?Squadron Leaders? among you. To support your conquest all controls have been enhanced, and a new one has even been added.
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