The common problems and solutions for iPOd touch


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Jun 12, 2008
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The common problems and solutions for iPOd touch

1. How to install the theme files: upload the downloaded theme files into the theme directory with WINSCP: Under /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes, come to summerboard to choose. Also directly install the themes under SummerBoard (Themes) by installer.
2. Under /private/var/root/Media/iTunes_Control/Music, there is the video and audio media files transferred via iTunes.

3. The path to save the wallpaper: under the basic directory, the name of the file is LockBackGround.jpg.

4. The path of the modified pictures or other things via Sketches software: ~/Media/DCIM/100APPLE/, containing a file called JPG and the Corresponding THM files (Thumbnail documents)

5. How to watch electronic book: install BOOKS software and then upload (TXT) it into the directory: /var/root/Media/EBooks/ and create EBooks directory. The codec must be unnicode or UTF-8.

6. PDFViewer, the original PDF reading software, which is saved in the directory: /var/root/Media/PDF

7. How to install the dictionary: install weDict successfully and restart the iPod. Choose needed dictionary at

Choose tarbal to download and decompress it. Rename * into * Decompress again to get *.dict document. Copy both *.dict and *.idx into the directory of the dictionary documents.
The dictionary directory: /private/var/root/Library/weDict. Please create a dictionary directory if you do not have it.

Note: (一) use 7-zip to compress it under windows operating system. (二) multiple dictionaries can be put together. (三) If you pen weDict for the first time, please click ?i? at the right-top corner to choose the dictionary.

8. NES super Simulator, the game ROM will be saved here: /var/root/Media/ROMs

9. The video file in Touch can be deleted directly without sync. First come to video file list and press the file name to delete (the letters). When it becomes blue and drag to the left then a red ?delete? key will appear. Choose ?ok? and it will be done.

10. The scheduling problem for photos:
Create a single folder called iPod photios (or other name) and create multiple folders under the directory. For example: the sights, the traveling and so on.
Choose the sync file as iPod photos and you also can schedule for each photo book.

11. When double clicking ?Home? key (no matter it is shut or other states), the music control panel will appear on the screen and you can open or shut the music.

12. iPod Touch users can double click ?space? key to type the end mark.

13. How to watch WORD, EXCEL, PPT, and PDF documents in your iPod Touch.

Offline method: use Apache to create the server and install aparche with installer. Then put the needed documents into the directory: /Library/WebServer/Documents/(Competence: 0755)and type into safari then you can visit and view word documents. If visiting word documents successfully, please create a folder under the directory and change the directory as /Library/WebServer/Documents/word. Modify 0755 competence and type in safari. You can read DOC, PDF, TXT, etc.
14. The download link for MP4 conversion: and you can also merge multiple files into a single one. Recommend to use it.
15. How to check the remained space for installation: type ?df-h? into PuTTY to check it.

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