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The Clearest Expression of our vision...


New member
Nov 15, 2010
?This is the clearest expression of our vision of the future of personal computing, a simple multitouch piece of glass that instantly transforms into anything you want it to be,? said Tim Cook, Apple?s chief executive.

There are many of us who would love to see a Macbook get a touch screen. Apple just won't do this in a half baked way. So we will have to wait for them to get it right in their own way in their timeline. It would be a dream to have touch on a full desktop OS. Any loss to competitors who are buying based on Touch on a desktop OS must be minimal by their calculations.

And as the leader in touch capable devices IOS clearly gets all the touch attention/ innovation.

Notice the phrase 'personal computing'. To me this could be Apple not just saying that this is the future of IOS, it's the future of how a person will compute period.

If (big if) that were true, we would be potentially giving up traditional views on computing: installing software from anywhere, local file storage, hardware customization (if not after purchase at least at POS). On and on.

The handoff features, shared cloud resources are interesting. But touch on the desktop, for me, is the holy grail.

Some of the built in apps have had paradigm changes that hint at thinking about touch on the desktop.

I'm still holding out for the Apple take on a touch desktop OS. But this certainly puts that out another year or more - if ever.


Sep 7, 2010
You're already seeing the early signs of this with the iPad Pro and Surface Pro tablets. When laid out with their keyboards and other accessories, these are essentially the modern take on the "laptop/notebook" computer. Windows already has a relevant mode that runs a full version OS...Apple is still playing with iOS in this regard, but I think we're quickly coming up on a merger of OS X and iOS in some way, shape or form...my guess is within the next 2 years we'll have a hybrid OS from Apple that merges the shining pieces of both operating systems in one singular method.