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The best cases and accessories for iPhone X!


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Mar 9, 2009
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Re: iPhone X Cases

That’s a good looking case. Let me unsubscribe from this thread. Bought a Speck Presidio Grip today.

I like mine too.


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Jan 25, 2014
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Re: iPhone X Cases

I recently purchased a 2-piece (TPU inner and PC outer shell) case from Monoprice for $5.99 (with free shipping) and it seems to be pretty decent. It is rather thin, to the point that when I first got it I thought it was just a one piece hybrid case. The PC outer case has a nice texture and soft touch feel, and the two cases blend together fairly seamlessly. The silver buttons are a PC type of plastic that are set in the TPU, so they do give good feedback. I'll be curious to see how the case holds up over time but it seems to be a great value for $5.99.

Monoprice iPhone X.JPG

Alex Rodriguez Jr.

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Mar 22, 2015
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Re: iPhone X Cases

So, reporting back on the Spigen I posted. It is smaller and easier to handle than the Otterbox Symmetry. It has more grip and is overall much more comfortable. The buttons beat out the Symmetry’s buttons in every way imaginable. The design is also much nicer. Little details here and there really set the case apart from the Symmetry. Overall, I can’t imagine myself recommending the Symmetry to anyone, especially not after I tried the Ultra Hybrid.


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Sep 17, 2015
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Re: iPhone X Cases

One thing I've noticed about my Nomad Rugged case and not sure if it's an early revision design flaw or what but it bulges a bit around the lower volume button and if you squeeze the case right there it kind of "pops" like the buttons are trying to fit into the button in the case or something. I wonder if they're not quite lined up or something. Not really sure whether to contact them about it or not. I'll probably end up with a number of cases anyway and this isn't something that's super noticeable either. I might just be used to the precision fit that my Rhino stuff had on my 7+.

I took a close look right before posting this and the bottom edge of the volume buttons seem to be right at the bottom edge of the case buttons and the top of the case buttons has a hair of wiggle room. At the same time the mute switch sits every so slightly high of center. My guess is it's within "tolerances" in their design and probably not going to be considered an issue.


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Oct 29, 2017
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iPhone X Cases

Absolutely love my new Peel case. As close to a naked phone as I can imagine. It fits perfectly. Seemed pricey at first, but after a week all other cases seem unwieldy.


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Nov 11, 2011
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Re: iPhone X Cases

I got the Sena Ultraslim, leather sleeve/pouch. I've had the Ultraslim's since the iPhone 4 and find them excellent quality, stylish, and last to. I had my last one for three years and there was nothing wrong with it, all the stitching was still intact, and it was only that I was getting the X, that made me get another.

I made a video review on the Sena UltraSlim for the iPhone X over on YouTube. Here's the link to it:


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