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Tell us: how does your smartphone factor into your sex life?


Nov 15, 2013
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Here at Mobile Nations we like to think of ourselves as being real tech for real people. And we know that in addition to owning smartphones, real people go on dates, send each other photos, have sex, and all sorts of other stuff. The smartphone is playing a greater and greater role in all of that, so we wanted to know just how you are using your smartphone to get it on.
We're not afraid to ask the prickly questions. Even that leads to us finding out you're into prickly things (to each their own).
Now, I know where your brain is going, and we're not suggesting that you engage in sexy times with your smartphone (that's weird and a potential trip to the ER), but we know that plenty of you use your smartphone to facilitate said sexy times. So we've put together this little survey that delves into how you use your smartphone in kinky and not so kinky ways
We want you to be fully honest with us, and to have some fun. After all, there's nothing at stake here. Except for maybe your dignity. So hit the link below and, uh, get it on.
[h=3]Smartphones and sex ? the survey[/h]

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Jan 8, 2014
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My phone doesn't factor into my sex life. Call me old fashioned. I do send photos, do FaceTime, and all sorts of other stuff but for now I'd like to keep my phone and all things sex separate. I'll certainly never be one of those people that are copulating and checking FaceBook simultaneously.

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Jun 1, 2011
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Interesting but besides using my phone to communicate and that leads to sex or a date or whatever once that time comes I really don't use my phone because normally someone else has my attention

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