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tech21 EvoCheck iPhone 7 Plus Case Review


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Jun 24, 2012
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tech21 EvoCheck iPhone 7 Plus Case Review


Since I don’t really use cases on my phones, tech21 wasn’t a brand I was too familiar with. I know a lot of the major players like Otterbox, LifeProof, Spigen, Casemate, etc. but after using the EvoCheck case I was provided by tech21 I can see why I haven’t really heard much about them.


The EvoCheck has a very minimalist design that is accented on the back with a checkered pattern. This checkered pattern is unfortunately on the inside of the case which is a shame because it provides a nice texture that would be very helpful in the grip of this case. When I finally put my phone in the case, oh man what a hot mess. The bottom portion with the cutouts for the lightning port and speaker grills doesn’t feel properly fitted so the bottom of the phone near the home button doesn’t feel adequately protected.




Daily Use

I only kept this case on my phone for two days. I couldn’t wait to take it off and go sprinting back to my RhinoShield. The EvoCheck feels terrible in the hand, the cutouts for the buttons add way too much resistance when attempting to use them, and holding the phone just normally became so uncomfortable due to the jagged feeling of the edges on the bottom of the case.




I hate to be this blunt about the case but the EvoCheck is possibly one of the worst case experiences I've had. I cannot recommend this particular case to anyone. Now perhaps the other cases tech21 offers are better, but from my experience with this case, it’s not a good first impression. The design is too bland, the bottom of the case doesn’t fit the phone at all, and to top it off the case I received had some damage on it. I just wish they would have had the textured checkered interior of the case positioned on the back which would have helped with grip.




  • Cool checkered design
  • Case is super easy to remove


  • Checkered textured design is inside rather on the outside of the case
  • Volume rocker and power buttons are too hard to push
  • Case doesn’t fit properly
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