Tech21 Evo Tactical Extreme Edition Case with Holster for iPhone 7 Plus


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Apr 2, 2014
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Tech21 Evo Tactical Extreme Edition Case with Holster for iPhone 7 Plus


-Extra heavy duty protection with 13’ drop protection!
-Thick lip

-A bit bulky
-Not a lot of grip

Tech21 makes a variety of cases for all kinds of situations. I normally use a Tech21 Evo Check case which provides good drop protection (9.9’), and is a moderate case designed for everyday usage. However, there are times when I go outdoors hiking, or in otherwise rugged terrain, and in these situations, I want a case with EXTREME protection…so in comes the Evo Tactical Extreme Edition Case.

So…does it live up to its name? Let’s find out!


My first thought when I pulled this case out of the box was…WOW…this is a wide case, but I guess that is to be expected due to it being dual layer, and having FlexShock material on the sides. Tech21 claims 13’ drop protection, and while I haven’t tested it, it certainly feels like a case that would be able to do it. This case utilizes FlexShock, which, according to Tech21, is a material that both absorbs and dissipates the impact. All this, in a case that Tech21 claims is 30% slimmer and 60% lighter than cases providing the same level of protection. This is achieved by using a dual layer design; an inner layer that is a hard material, and a softer outer shell. The hard inner shell also covers a part of the top and bottom bezel, to give better protection against face drops. I haven’t compared the weight to other cases, but it does feel surprisingly light and slim (not including width) for the level of protection that it gives.




Fitment, Feel, and First Impressions
The case fits the phone very firmly, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the case coming off if dropped. The outer material which you touch is a matte rubber type material, which isn’t very grippy. There is a chamfer between the back and the side, and another chamfer between the side and the top. No doubt, this was done to reduce the size of the case.


It is a little bulky, and a little hard to use one handed. This is not a case that I plan to use every day, but I will definitely use it when I am going hiking, or doing activities over rugged terrain.

The power and volume buttons require a moderate amount of force to press. The distance that you are pressing feels a bit shallow, and doesn’t feel as responsive as some other cases. The cut-out for the camera seems a bit vertically off center, however, the camera functions fine. It isn’t bad, although those with OCD like myself might get annoyed. The bottom has two mesh covers to protect the speakers and mic from dust, and there is a flap for the charging port. The top of the charging port is a bit narrow. I have an Anker lightning cable, which doesn’t have a very thick head, and it barely fits. If you are using a third party charging cable with a thick head, then it might not fit.




When I removed the case, the small piece of plastic that controls the ring/silent switch came off. I didn't notice it until I tried to put the case back on. Luckily i found it lying on the floor, but you won't be able to control the ring/silent switch with this case if you lose this piece of plastic. So keep an eye out for it when removing the case.


I didn’t notice any wobbling when using the phone on my desk, which, while a minor thing, can be annoying, and enough for me to choose not to use a case.

Finally, it has a holster, which can be rotated to virtually any angle. It provides a very snug fit, so you don’t have to worry about the phone falling out of the holster. However, I found that the phone is a little hard to remove from the holster when using just one hand while sitting down.


Why should I buy it?
If you work in construction or a similar field where you need extreme protection, then this may be a case that you use every day. Personally, this case is a bit bulky for every day usage, however, I will use it when I go hiking or go to areas of rugged terrain. Still, it might be a good choice for everyday usage, if you are one who is accident prone. What are you waiting for? Head over to Tech21 and pick up one today!

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