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Taps not recognized - hardware or software problem?

Scott R

New member
Oct 29, 2001
Hello all, first post here (long-time member of treocentral.com - formerly visorcentral.com). I just got an iPod Touch the other day. I've been on the fence about getting an iPhone or waiting for the Palm pre (or next-gen iPhone if one comes out soon), and I'm a boring big-corp developer by day / mobile developer in my spare time, and have been thinking about playing around with iPhone / iPod Touch development, so I figured I'd satisfy my gadget fix by getting an iPod Touch since I wouldn't need to commit to an AT&T contract.

Anyways, there's a lot about my iPod Touch I'm liking, but I've got two apps where it sometimes (maybe even mostly) but not always seems to not recognize my finger taps. As I said, it seems inconsistent, but almost seems like they're not recognized more often than they are, and it also seems to be specific to certain areas of my screen. That sure sounds like a hardware problem, but I haven't noticed it in other apps, and even in those apps (in the same physical area), when I bring up the virtual keyboard, I don't see that behavior at all. So that sounds like more of an app problem.

The two apps are Pandora and XBMC Remote, and in both cases I've noticed the behavior in the lower right corner of the screen. Again, though, if I bring up the virtual keyboard, I can tap on any of the keys in the lower right and it seems responsive.

Very weird. Anyone experience anything like this?


New member
Jan 20, 2009
I have moments were I seem to have to really work hard to get a button to respond, but nothing too too serious. Have you tried restarting your touch? Sometimes that helps with minor stuff like that.